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11th March 2024

Helen Green Design Visits Venice

Towards the end of last year Helen Green were invited to visit the beautiful city of Venice, with the very lovely team at Artemest. We had the privilege to marvel at the wonders of the city, visit local craftsmen, furniture makers and artist.

Venice, a city suspended on water, exudes a timeless charm that captivates visitors from around the world. Beyond its historic architecture and romantic canals, the city offers a haven for design enthusiasts seeing inspiration. One of the highlights of Venice is the Island of Murano, renowned for its centuries old tradition of glass blowing. Murano has been a hub for of glass blowing since the 13th century, and the tradition is kept alive by skilled artisans who transform molten glass into intricate works of art. The Helen Green team were lucky enough to visit 3 different glass glowing workshops and were given a one on one masterclass by a true artisan. Gaining insight into the meticulous process behind creating delicate glass sculptures, chandeliers and intricate glassware.



Venice itself is a living canvas, inspiring designers with its romantic bridges, quaint alleyways and charming piazza. The muted colour palette of its historic buildings, and the intricate detailing in architecture offer a visual feast for those seeking design inspiration.

A trip to Venice, with a detour to the island of Murano, is a design pilgrimage that promises not only visual splendour but also a deep connect with the artisanal heritage of the region. The Helen Green team would like to thank the wonderful people at Artemest for a truly inspirational trip, and to be given an insight into the local artists they represent.