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Hangzhou, China


Helen Green Design is internationally renowned for creating sophisticated, elegant and British inspired interior designs for hotels in Hangzhou, China. Our internationally respected interior architects and interior designers will work with you to seamlessly blend traditional architectural features with contemporary design inspiration and a superlative, refined decorative finish, creating elegant yet intuitive designs which maximise expansive interior and exterior spaces.

Hangzhou’s modern and urban environment offers some of China’s most contemporary architectural design. Home to some of China’s largest and most successful internet industry enterprises, the city attracts some of the most innovative technology workers.

Helen Green Design has built a reputation for transforming Hangzhou hotels and residences into innovative and exciting spaces, bringing elegant inspiration to both the surrounding environment and architecture.

At our first meeting, we seek to understand your aspirations for your home and how it needs to work for you; enabling us to create concept interior designs that intuitively reflect and respond to your lifestyle, whilst also emphasising the natural and original assets of the property’s interior architecture and surroundings.

To maximise the sense of space and enhance heritage and contemporary architectural features, we specify bespoke furniture and handmade joinery, complementing colour palettes and smart technology solutions, to ensure your interior is intuitive, intelligent and inviting. Commissioned works of art, luxurious soft furnishings and refined accessories, all curated to your passions, will bring your Hangzhou home to life, making it personal and bespoke to you and your interests.

We also have considerable experience in the development of leisure facilities, from luxurious pools and pool houses, to tennis courts, play areas and home spas, achieving a seamless connection between interior and exterior of the property.

Sensitively translating each client’s interior design requirements into inviting and desirable residences, Helen Green Design achieves a level of perfection and sustainability; creating interior designs that inspire, yet remain timeless in a modern world.

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We invite you to make contact with our interior design studio to collaborate or enquire about a project.

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