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Helen Green Design’s talented team of interior designers specialise in crafting beautiful family homes with inspiring luxury interiors. We work with clients to create bespoke designs for elegant and spacious living and entertaining spaces, transforming their Wimbledon homes into luxurious, private sanctuaries that are a welcoming retreat from the bustle of central London.

Boasting one of the most peaceful neighbourhoods in the capital, Wimbledon’s vast green spaces, quiet residential streets and expansive views across the city make it one of the most desirable areas in the capital. Properties are blessed with plentiful gardens, allowing for modern expansions to enhance the family home, whilst never compromising on traditional features and architecture.

At our first meeting, we seek to understand how you need your Wimbledon home to work for you, teasing out fine details to ensure our interior designs reflect your interests and lifestyle, as well emphasising the natural assets of the property’s interior architecture, private amenities and exterior potential.

We produce detailed and multi-layered concept designs, with a superlative attention to detail – considering every aspect of your property, from the design of opulent, open-plan living spaces, to creating a cohesive flow through your space.

Our portfolio includes the combination of two Wimbledon properties to create a large family home, designed with a calming colour palette and layered materials for a tranquil setting and cohesive flow through the space.

To maximise the sense of space and enhance original and heritage architectural features, we specify bespoke furniture and handmade joinery, complementing colour palettes and smart technology solutions, to ensure your home interior is intuitive, intelligent and inviting.

Commissioned works of art, luxurious soft furnishings and refined accessories, all curated to your passions, will bring your Wimbledon family home to life, making it personal and bespoke to you and your interests.

Helen Green Design’s interior designers understand how to respect and showcase original architectural features, and how to emphasise the natural assets of both the property and its surroundings, to create beautiful and well-crafted luxury family homes, with expansive views, exquisitely landscaped gardens and outstanding and intuitive interior design.

Our professional teams will deliver a superlative finish on your luxury Wimbledon house design and transform your home – achieving a level of perfection that inspires and excites, yet remains timeless in a modern world.

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We invite you to make contact with our interior design studio to collaborate or enquire about a project.

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