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18th September 2023

Championing Sustainability: Joanna Benton Takes the Helm as our Sustainability Manager

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Joanna Benton as our new Sustainability Manager, a role she will seamlessly fulfil alongside her current role as Associate Director at Helen Green Design. This strategic step underscores Allect Group’s resolute dedication to weaving sustainability into every fiber of our luxury interior design projects, propelling us toward an even greener and more conscientious future.

Sustainability’s Significance in Luxury Interior Design
In a world grappling with environmental challenges, industries are heeding the call for change, and luxury interior design is no exception. Today, luxury encapsulates not only opulence but also an obligation to our planet. Joanna Benton’s appointment to the combined roles of Sustainability Manager and Associate Director epitomizes this ethos, highlighting the crucial crossroads of sustainability and luxury within our domain.

Unveiling the Role of our Sustainability Manager
In her new capacity, Joanna Benton will spearhead initiatives to ingrain sustainability deep within our design processes. Her responsibilities encompass an array of critical areas:

Holistic Integration of Sustainability: Working hand-in-hand with our design team, Joanna will infuse each project with eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable sourcing practices.

Elevating our Carbon Consciousness: Joanna will craft strategies to minimize our studio’s carbon footprint, ensuring that sustainability remains a guiding force from project inception to fruition and beyond.

Community Engagement and Enrichment: Through partnerships with local communities and artisans, Joanna will cultivate ethical practices that have a positive impact on the regions where our projects are realized.

Empowering Clients for Change: Guiding our clients in understanding the significance of sustainable design, Joanna will present them with choices aligned with their environmental values, showcasing the seamless fusion of luxury and sustainability.

Driving the Frontier of Innovation: Joanna’s expertise will propel us forward, enabling us to embrace the latest advancements in sustainable design materials, technologies, and practices.

Joanna Benton’s comprehensive expertise in sustainable design aligns seamlessly with our studio’s mission to harmonize luxury and sustainability. Notably, she played an instrumental role in the Allect Group’s accreditation with the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark—an achievement that underscores her dedication to marrying luxury and sustainability. Allect Group is celebrated for crafting timeless, bespoke interiors that grace homes, yachts, and commercial spaces around the globe. This appointment marks an exciting new chapter in our journey, reinforcing our commitment to creating spaces that encapsulate the values of luxury and sustainability.

As we venture forward with Joanna Benton as our Sustainability Manager, we are poised to drive tangible change in the realm of luxury interior design. Together, we envision a future where elegance, ethics, and responsibility converge, and harmoniously intertwine with the beauty of design.