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Country House


Helen Green Design‘s award-winning interior design team has extensive experience in designing elegant and timeless country house interiors, maximising their sense of space and celebrating both their expansive views and landscaped grounds. Working in partnership with internationally-respected architects and landscape designers, we design, specify and project manage the installation of beautiful and sophisticated country house interior designs, seamlessly blending traditional features with contemporary design inspiration and a sophisticated, refined finish.

Helen Green Design has built an exceptional reputation for transforming the potential of large country house estates into truly exceptional homes, bringing elegant inspiration to both traditional and contemporary architecture. Our interior designers understand how to sensitively respect and showcase heritage features and how to emphasise the natural assets of both the property and estate – creating welcoming, well-crafted country house residences which achieve a level of perfection that inspire and invite, yet remains timeless in a modern world.

Our designers produce inspiring, detailed and layered concept designs for country houses, considering your needs and aspirations alongside key issues such as the balance between the formal and informal areas of the property. We specify bespoke furniture and hand-crafted joinery, complementing colour palettes which are refined and timeless.

Commissioned works of art, luxurious soft furnishings and unique accessories, all tailored to your passions and interests, will add texture and layering to your country house and make it feel like home. Intelligent use of smart home technology and audio-visual systems will ensure your country house and estate work intuitively and remain easy to manage and enjoy.

Our team will create concept designs for outdoor spaces and formal gardens around the principal residence, achieving a seamless connection between the interior and exterior design. We also have considerable experience in the development of leisure and well-being facilities, from luxurious pools and pool houses, to tennis courts, play areas and home spas – while partnerships with estate management specialists enable us to plan sustainable proposals for the wider estate, maximising views across open countryside and protecting privacy for your home through the imaginative use of mature trees and hedging, or the creation of orchards and copses.

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We invite you to make contact with our interior design studio to collaborate or enquire about a project.

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