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Helen Green Design’s luxurious and welcoming racecourse hospitality suites encapsulate the signature qualities of our award-winning interior design style, translated into exclusive and luxurious private entertaining spaces.

Stunning views across the racecourse provide the backdrop for your private hospitality suite, while our elegant concept designs blend the excitement of the races within a sensitive and sophisticated private environment, curated to your personal tastes.

Helen Green Design’s team of internationally respected interior designers have built an exceptional reputation for designing racecourse boxes, creating welcoming interiors that are both the perfect place to entertain guests and provide a shelter on winter race days. From breath-taking entertaining and dining spaces through to discreet staff facilities we work with you from the first meeting to create the perfect design concept for your racecourse box with the same attention to detail, bespoke furniture and beautiful fixtures as the super-prime residences upon which we’ve built a global reputation.

Our talented interior designers will seek to understand your vision for your hospitality experience and will craft multi-layered concept designs that reflect the history, passion and excitement of the racecourse, with elegant and luxurious interior design and intuitive functionality.

From concept design to exceptional finish, the Helen Green Design team designs luxurious, useable and durable racecourse interiors, based on your individual aspirations and needs to create a box that inspires and excites. We will specify bespoke furniture and hand-crafted joinery that are hardwearing yet beautiful – complementing interior design colour palettes that are refined and timeless.

Commissioned works of art, luxurious soft furnishings and unique accessories, all tailored to your passions and interests, will add texture and layering to your racecourse box. Expansive views across the racecourse are maximised through intelligent use of glass, while a sophisticated atmosphere is created through a layered and opulent design scheme. Intelligent use of audio-visual systems will ensure your racecourse box works intuitively and remains easy to manage and enjoy.

From concept design to immaculate finish, Helen Green Design crafts beautiful and sumptuous racecourse entertainment spaces, breathing vibrant new life into traditional hospitality concepts, and creating interior designs that inspire, yet remain timeless in a modern world.

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We invite you to make contact with our interior design studio to collaborate or enquire about a project.

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