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Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: Our Thoughts, Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Helen Green Design, Luxury Interior Design
20th May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: Our Thoughts

Mental Health Awareness Week is taking place this week (18th-24th May) on the topic of kindness. Spearheaded by the Mental Health Foundation, the week aims to drive change towards a mentally healthy society for all. The foundation believe that mental health is everyone’s business and can affect anyone, at any time. This year the week is focused on the topic of kindness which is prevailing in uncertain times. Some of the team at Helen Green Design have shared their thoughts on the things they have been doing to ensure that their physical and mental health is maintained during lockdown. As a studio we have also made a donation to the Mental Health Foundation which will help them to develop information and tools for people to look after their mental health, to influence policymakers and to continue with research that will answer some vital questions about mental health and save lives.

Ivana Allain – Studio Director

It’s my husband’s 50th birthday next week and although it isn’t going to the celebrations we had all planned I have found enjoyment in planning his alternative birthday party.”

Jennifer Jarvis – Senior Designer

“My mum is an amazing baker and makes recipes that have been handed down from her grandmother. I am using the time not only teach myself, but my son and daughter as well.

Peloton! I bit the bullet and ordered one. I am not the most competitive of athletes but the extensive community holds me accountable. I find that the days that are the hardest to motivate are the days that mentally I need it the most.

Nicola Joss facial massage, a bit of a celebrity guru, her facial massages are such a great way to ease tension and put me in a short meditative state, both to wind down at night and in the morning to mentally prepare for the day ahead!”

Charlotte Nice – Designer

“As the weeks roll on and the memory of what normal life used to be like slowly fading, there are a few thing I like to do to keep myself mentally healthy. During the many weeks of lockdown I have tried sticking to some sort of exercise routine with little success but the one new thing that is really keeping me happy is walking. I take an hours long walk before work around where I live, listening to upbeat music and taking in the scenery. Doing this really wakes me up and gets me motivated for the day! The second thing I like to do, like so many others, is cooking! I love to bake and the chance to perfect my banana bread recipe fills me with joy. I’m sure once we are back working in the office, everyone will be fed up with being forced sample any more baked treats!”

Simrit Panaich – Designer

“Every week I have been trying a new recipe whether it is baking or cooking, sometimes even both! I find that helps to keep me busy. I have also been keeping in close touch with one of my friend’s parents. My friend is an NHS doctor and works outside of London so I am taking the time to support her parents who are both incredibly vulnerable.”

Philippa Robson – Designer

With all the stress and anxiety surrounding the current pandemic, it’s important to take a moment to step back and focus on yourself and your own mental health. I like to take some time each day to stop and reflect on everything that we still have to be grateful for, appreciating the little things now more than ever. Walking has always been a great way for me to get some time to myself. Whether it’s to reflect on the day or just to switch off, I love being able to listen to an audiobook while I walk leaving the stress of the day behind and getting some much needed fresh air.”

Kirsty Brown – Marketing Manager

Along with exercising daily and baking at weekend, I have found that my weekly zoom calls with my best friends maintained some sense of normality for me during this time. I also love Bread Ahead Bakery’s daily baking tutorials on their instagram everyday as they help me switch off and learn something new at the same time.”