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Dramatic chandelier in entrance hall floating down three storeys.
28th February 2020

Style Tip: Feature Lighting for Every Room

At Helen Green Design we believe that beautiful lighting is an integral part of every well curated interior. Every room lends itself to a different lighting style, shape and design and therefore choosing the perfect fixture can be a daunting task.

To achieve a harmonious and considered scheme, it is important to keep lighting throughout the property consistent and connected to each other. This can be achieved by either by specifying similar finishes (aged brass, blown glass, crystal) or a particular style (modern, art deco, traditional). It is possible to mix and match for a more eclectic look, however it is challenging to ensure there is no disconnect between the spaces.

We like to source lighting from a range of suppliers who offer a variety of fixtures suitable for different areas. Here are our simple tips on how to select the perfect light for every room.

Entrance Hall/Stairwell

The entrance hall is an opportunity to make an impact in your home. The lighting in an entrance hall is likely to be one of the first things seen when entering the house so it is important to ensure it encapsulates the identity of the property.

It is an opportunity to make the most of the architectural features and utilise high ceilings or stairwells. An oversized, statement light can span across several floors or a centrepiece light can create an elegant, welcoming lobby area above the entrance table.

Pendant lighting above centre table in hallway

Entrance hall with dramatic sculptural chandelier
Living Room

As the centre of every home, it is crucial that the light fitting chosen for this space does not compete with the rest of the furniture in the room and complements and relates to the design scheme. It doesn’t mean it cannot be striking. The key is to consider the proportions and materials as well as balance textures, colours and patterns used in the room.

It is important to carefully consider the position of the light. Most commonly it is placed in the centre of the room, above the main seating area or by the fireplace. It should not obstruct the view if located near a large window and not to hang too low to allow people to walk underneath it.

Chandelier in formal sitting room
Chandelier light in formal sitting room

Dining Room/Kitchen

The main function purpose is to provide light above the dining table or island. It is good practice to follow the shape of the furniture item directly below the light fixture. For example, a round light for square or round tables and oval or oblong for rectangular or elliptical tables.

An interesting choice of lighting is using clusters of smaller pendants either in regular rows or staggered for dramatic effect.

When the dining area is connected to the kitchen, it is effective to use lights from the same family for a cohesive design.

Pendant lighting over rectangular dining table
Luxury kitchen


Being sanctuaries of peace and rest, bedrooms are one of the most important rooms. As strong lighting is not necessarily required, light fittings perform a decorative role and can determine the feeling of ambience in the space.

Simple pendant lights above bedside tables are not only very functional as they leave the surface of the table clean but also are an excellent way to accentuate the main elevation of the room.

Alternatively, a small chandelier can bring elegance and interest to the bedroom scheme making it feel more like a hotel suite.

Pendant lighting next to master bedroom hanging above side tables

Chandelier above a king size bed

The clean lines and usually very light tones of natural stone finishes, sanitaryware and mirrors in a bathroom create a fantastic background and opportunity to showcase more sculptural lighting pieces.

From large, elaborate chandeliers above the bath to clusters of interesting pendants, they can transform a simple bathroom into a luxury spa.

It is also important to ensure all lights chose for bathrooms have suitable IP rating.

Free-standing bath and chandelier lighting in master bathroom

Master bathroom with chandelier lighting

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