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22nd February 2024

Helen Green Featured in Great British Brands 2024

Helen Green Design, alongside Allect’s stable of brands, Lawson Robb and Rigby & Rigby is pleased to announce that they have been featured in Great British Brands’ 2024 Edition. Launched in December 2015, this annual bible is dedicated to supporting British luxury and celebrating the very finest products, companies and services that the UK has to offer.

Discussing Helen Green Design, the article says:

‘We design homes, not houses; mostly for families and very specific to their personal needs and requirements. To design a home, at the earliest stage, we connect through the personal touch: listening, understanding human nature, reading between the lines, asking questions as designers, learning a family’s history, identifying future plans. From this information, we create something new they will feel comfortable in.

It’s about telling a family’s life story through interiors, incorporating discovered details into a beautiful design: say, a thistle inspired detail, embroidered on a napkin, recalling a childhood summer in Scotland. We can also narrate their future too, enabling their aspirations; how they want to live their life, who they want to be. Show me the robot that can analyse human desires and dreams; at the high end, design of a well-curated interior is personal and intuitive.

We have recently designed homes in Australia, Dubai, Qatar, USA, Austria and France. Our driving passion is residential, but even hotel suites act as second homes, with travellers adjusting their plans to book their favourite room. For people who admire the British aesthetic, which has always encompassed artefacts from around the world – inspired by the idea of a Grand Tour – we champion a wealth of superb UK craftsmanship in our timeless classic interiors.’

Read the full article here.