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2nd March 2022

Join us at The Green Table

Following our announcement and official commitment to be a more sustainable design practice last year, we have done a lot of work and planning to incorporate a more “green” mindset in our designs as well as the studio day-to-day.

As much as this has been an incredible journey so far, and we are proud of all the work achieved to date, it is only the beginning and much more can be done. We have participated in sustainability workshops, where we discussed our challenges and realised areas with room for further improvement. This is not an easy task, but one we are determined to continue.

We know we are not alone, and that many of our suppliers are already taking steps to a more sustainable way of working, however, to make a real impact we believe a dialogue within the industry is required.


Therefore, we would like to invite all our industry friends (suppliers, makers, architects, contractors)  to join us at The Green Table to discuss and share how can we improve our daily practises to make a change.

We would like to amplify their voices, goals and findings, and share ideas and practices for the rest of our community to learn from.

The aim is to create a Green Book Directory listing luxury design experts who just like us care for the future of our planet and want to make a difference! We will share the outcome of our work and invite everyone to join us on this journey!

Please continue to visit our website for the latest blogs where we will be addressing the subject of sustainability in luxury design and share our findings and knowledge gained so far.

Alexandra Jurkiewicz
Creative Lead HGD