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Family House, Chelsea, Helen Green Design
23rd January 2020

Helen Green Design features in The English Home

Helen Green Design has recently featured in The English Home, showcasing our interior design style in their “Find Your Style Tribe” article. The English Home write that most of their readers will find themselves drawn to a design aesthetic and present key features and influencers for four style tribes.

Helen Green Design feature in their “Sleek & Chic” style category alongside other reputable designers Sophie Paterson, Katharine Pooley and Louise Bradley to name a few. Sleek & Chic is glamourous, sophisticated and luxurious with clean lines and sumptuous textures. In a heritage property, its original features, are restored and treated in a simple way.

“With this look, palettes are often neutral and calm, perhaps light and bright, or a dramatic monochrome. Richness can be brought in through the use of smart dark tones such as navy or teal perhaps – perfect partners to accents of gold and silver.

Polished metals on furniture, lighting and other fixtures are essentials – lacquer and glass, too, provide smooth, shiny textures.

Furniture will have angular lines and a streamlined silhouette. Pattern is restricted, however, textures are crucial for bringing interest and opulence. Subtle patterns in the same colour as the backdrop might be used, with character being added through tactile combinations rather than bold motifs. High-quality wools, decadent velvets and silks and fine linens are favourite choices of the tribe.

Artworks are often hero pieces for a room, although other statement pieces, such as a spectacular light or a modern piece of furniture, might be used as well or instead, balanced against quieter and more classic elements of the room. This style is not about being minimalist and ultra-modern, but certainly the look is not fussy – all finishes and adornments are simple yet impactful, luxurious and extremely well-considered.”