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21st February 2018

The King’s Library features in Architectural Digest Spain

Helen Green Design’s King’s Library project has been profiled in Architectural Digest Spain which details how the studio “has brought back to life, with a touch of color and classic compositions, an old Edwardian school, used as a film set, in the London neighborhood of Chelsea.

“This is one of those rare projects. The daily life of this house, designed by the British studio Helen Green Design – founded in 2002 – coexists with the heritage of an old school. The building, King’s Library, was built in 1908 by the famous Edwardian architect Thomas J. Bailey, and since then has also hosted the filming of the movie The Theory of Everything – with actor Eddie Redmayne, who won an Oscar. Several subtle references recall this fact in the current 462-square-meter apartment, for example, the glass bar handmade by artisans that alludes to the galaxy.

 The current design aims to maximize light. For this, the apartment has double height ceilings that accentuate the feeling of spaciousness and offer spectacular views towards the gardens of Kings Chelsea. The main hallway was conceived to create intimate areas, like niches, for sitting. There is a piano and a library adorned with a work by Mao Wen Biao. In addition, an audiovisual room seems to float above the dining room, which is accessed from the library by means of a spiral staircase.

 The goal of the Helen Green Design team was to preserve the integrity of the building and revive it. Consequently, references to its old school function were added through pieces such as the Victorian living room desk, the curiosity cabinet, the wood paneling, the fireplaces … The new flooring mimics the old brick one and its tone complements a male palette.

 In the dining room, emerald green chairs and orange bar stools are striking, while in all four bedrooms, the shades are lighter and softer. In the master bedroom, green accents and creams with copper and gold accents create a serene atmosphere.

Both the colors, the textures and the pieces of furniture and the finishes were chosen to experience a life of luxury in London that was both comfortable and functional, as well as on the terrace, which becomes an unexpected oasis in the middle of the city.”

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