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3rd January 2024

Using Artificial Intelligence – Alexandra Jurkiewicz featured in Mayfair Times

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Alexandra Jurkiewicz, Creative Lead at Helen Green has been featured in the Mayfair Times. The article is about using artificial intelligence and how it will impact the wider designer world and what are the pros and cons?

Alexandra’s feature reads:

“Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from Alexa in our homes to targeted ads on Instagram, and one upcoming area of growth is in interior design. Just look at Marylebone’s new Frame store, which showcases three pieces of furniture that were initially created through an AI sketching programme, before being made by craftspeople.

Just how is AI being used in interior design?

Alexandra Jurkiewicz is the Creative Lead at Helen Green. which recently completed a project in Cavendish Square. “AI-powered virtual reality and augmented reality applications allow clients to visualise and experience spaces before they are built,” she says. “AI is also used in space planning, where AI algorithms help in optimising space utilisation, ensuring efficient layouts and functionality.”

It also, she adds, comes into play with material and colour selection: “AI can suggest colour schemes and material combinations based on preferences and trends,” she says, as well as assisting in “designing lighting systems for energy efficiency and aesthetics”.