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Family House


Helen Green Design has a wealth of experience in the interior design of sophisticated, timeless and luxurious family houses, balancing the differing needs of family members, to ensure that their home intuitively responds to the demands of family life as well as being elegant, beautifully crafted and a pleasure to live in.

From light-filled and luxurious family kitchens that represent the bustling heart of the family home, to private and peaceful working spaces and opulent master suites that provide an important retreat; the Helen Green Design interior design team understands the dynamics of family life, creating elegant family homes that are luxurious and sophisticated, yet practical and hard-wearing.

Our designers will produce an inspiring, detailed and layered interior design scheme for your family home, working with you to understand your aspirations and needs. The design team will establish the balance you need between communal living and privacy – designing spaces where your family can be together, while also providing ample space for peace and quiet too.

Based upon your individual needs and lifestyle, we will specify bespoke furniture and hand-crafted joinery that are hardwearing yet beautiful – complementing interior design colour palettes that are refined and timeless. Commissioned works of art, luxurious soft furnishings and unique accessories, all tailored to your passions and interests, will add texture and layering to your family home and make it feel like home. Intelligent use of smart home technology and audio-visual systems will ensure your family house works intuitively and remains easy to manage and enjoy.

As befitting a family house, we will ensure there are personal touches everywhere: a tiny snug hidden under the staircase complete with chairs for the children, a separate children’s garden with play equipment, and family photographs or a cherished teddy, ready to welcome the family home.

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We invite you to make contact with our interior design studio to collaborate or enquire about a project.

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