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3rd April 2020

Style Tip: How to Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Whilst the majority of Britain is working from home, it is more important than ever to create a bedroom that is serene and harmonious. Your bedroom is not only where you sleep but where you begin and end the day by reading, meditating or simply unwinding. Our interior designers have put together this guide on how to create a relaxing and restful bedroom.

Tidy the area

When trying to establish the key elements to change or improve in your bedroom take some time to clear the room by removing items that you no longer want and ensure that everything is put away. This will help you see the room as a blank canvas and make gaps or missing items clear.

Luxury master bedroom with bespoke furniture

Select a colour that is the most calming for you. A neutral base palette, such as ivory or sand, will open up the space making it feel clean, light and bright. It will also give you maximum flexibility with your space. If you do not like neutral colours then consider muted colours such as sage green or duck egg blue. To give your bedroom a refined and sophisticated finish choose a fabric wallpaper to bring texture and warmth to the space. In our projects we select from a range of wallpaper brands including Philip Jeffries and Textura.

Four poster bed and textured wallpaper

Position your bed against a wall, with space either side, and select an upholstered headboard with piping or studs to add an element of detail. To recreate a 5-star hotel feel at home use a mattress topper and double up your duvet inside the covers for a sumptuous sleeping experience. For maximum comfort, invest in the best bedding you can afford such as the fine embroidered bed linen from Vis-à-vis Paris. Add to your bed by selecting some decorative cushions with small scale patterns or textures with a cashmere throw at the end of the bed.

Luxury bedroom

It is important that you do not have too much furniture in your bedroom as this will make it feel cramped. Think carefully about what is important to you. If you have limited storage space then choose a beautiful chest of drawers or if you want a space to get ready at then choose a dressing table and chairs. Consider the furniture’s size and shape so that it fits within the proportions of the room. When accessorising your bedside table carefully select some key pieces, such as a jewellery dish and a candle, so that you do not clutter the space.

Bespoke beside table and padded integrated headboard

Lighting is important to create a calming ambience in your room. Having a dimmer switch on the main light in your bedroom will help to create softer lighting. If this is not possible, you can create a restful environment by turning off the main light and utilising reading lights on your bedside table for warmth and comfort.

Bespoke circular bedside table

Your bedroom should aim to connect all your senses seamlessly to evoke the feelings and emotions you desire. By bringing scent into the bedroom you can set the tone and mood in your bedroom. You should consider picking a scent that is appropriate for the season: light and floral scents of the summer, deep autumnal and forest scents for autumn and spicy, festive scents for the winter. Some of our favourite candles include Diptyque’s Baies candle, Max Benjamin’s Belgravia natural candle and Baobab’s Les Prestigieueses – Encre De Chine candle.

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