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18th January 2021

Helen Green Design Features in Great British Brands 2021

Helen Green Design, alongside Allect’s stable of brands, Lawson Robb and Rigby & Rigby is pleased to announce that they have been featured in Great British Brands’ 2021 Edition. Launched in December 2015, this annual bible is dedicated to supporting British luxury and celebrating the very finest products, companies and services that the UK has to offer.

Discussing Helen Green Design, the article says:

Helen Green Design Studio creates luxurious yet liveable residences, primarily focusing on town houses and penthouse apartments in super-prime London locations such as Chelsea and Belgravia, as well as country estates. It also works with private clients on international projects. At the heart of the business lies its commitment to delivering exceptionally high, personalised levels of service. Founded by the late Helen Green in 2002, the brand is proud to be a bastion of British craftsmanship and design, sourcing furniture, accessories and artwork through trusted partners and carefully selected artisans and suppliers throughout the country.

The beauty of British design, of course, is that it has historically been inspired by elements of global design in the 18th and 19th centuries, infusing elements of architecture, material and motifs from places such as Asia, France and Egypt, among many others. ‘The idea of Helen Green being a British brand is based on the quality, detail and craftsmanship that go into each piece and a design aesthetic that is elegant and timeless, with a bit of the unexpected,’ says Ivana Allain, studio director, and Jennifer Jarvis, associate director.

Last year, for example, Helen Green Design Studio was appointed to create a British-style interior design for a Victorian apartment in London’s Kensington that reflected the historical London landmarks in the surrounding area. The result was a sophisticated and elegant design scheme to meet the client’s aspirations and needs.

In this instance, the client really wanted to maximise every square foot of the property, so the studio had to be clever with the pieces it designed to ensure there was enough storage without sacrificing design and beauty for functionality. It therefore created a compact, bespoke modular desk, layering elements of timber, glass and metalwork. The result was a beautifully designed piece which still allowed the client to move the storage elements around to suit his needs.

The brand is confident that its Britishness, rooted in bespoke and artisanal design, will not be affected by Brexit. ‘I don’t believe that having been in the EU for the past 47 years has defined the Britishness of our brand, and therefore I don’t believe that being out of the EU will define us any differently,’ says Jennifer.

The pandemic afforded Helen Green Design Studio the opportunity to evaluate its process, engaging with clients more informally but also more frequently. At a time when people were feeling isolated and disconnected, Helen Green doubled down on ensuring clients felt its commitment to them.

The studio also experienced a great deal of interest in its HGD collection last year. The collection was developed by the late Helen Green with beautiful pieces that reflected the timeless ethos of the brand. The hope is to relaunch the collection in 2021 with some of its previous best-selling items as well as some exciting new designs. It is Helen Green Design Studio’s way of honouring the heritage of the brand while also looking to the future.

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